As a dedicated member of Indiantown Chamber of Commerce, we here at the BicycleXchange believe the growth of our local economy will be the result of the partnerships we develop within our neighboring towns and communities. As a collective we will combine the efforts of our volunteers with the expertise of professionals to meet the needs of our community. The goal is to institute healthy, fun, and safe, bicycle/pedestrian friendly developments in our communities. Join us for the exciting opportunities we have planned for service in OUR community.

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For sponsorship, we provide tax deductable receipts and ensure your anonymity or pubic recognition for you charitable donation. Thank you again for your support!

Below are the BXC's 4 focal points of interest you might favor in supporting.

  • Trailbuilding
  • There is an astounding population currently riding bikes in Indiantown and supporting evidence that bicycle friendly communities are typically more attractive to prospecting home and business owners. We feel we should place emphasis on preparing our roads and wooded corridors to support the desire for safe and accessible street and recreational riding. With this comes an opportunity for businesses and private investors to show their support by sponsoring a trail building project and receive a permanent public mark of recognition as a valuable contributor to the project.

  • Maintenance
  • We have found that many of the bicycles we service are dilapidated and potentially dangerous. Others simply need basic maintenance but cannot afford it. Our collective approach is to assist the locals of the community by hosting Public Bicycle Repairs during the larger town events. As a Sponsor of Public Bike Repair, your business will be recognized at the events. The expenditures are relatively low for minor bicycle repairs, yet assist many families with immediate results. As a Sponsor, you will find this is definitely a good investment in community.

  • Races
  • As we all know, a race will draw out the crowds. The BicycleXchange has been recruiting volunteers to race for the BXC (BicycleXchange). The youth particularly are avid cyclist, but ride on mediocre bicycles. We have seen great potential in a few riders so, we are actively seeking sponsorship to equip and support selected riders whom are chosen to represent the BicycleXchange and its fellow contributors.

    One (1) popular rider can generate tremendous support from the community and the media. We are confident in our potential and look forward toward becoming key players in the competitive race community. Go Team BXC!

  • Beautification
  • Volunteers desire to be a part of positive goal oriented projects. To not limit the BXC outline of community service to bicycles, we actively seek ways to clean up our neighborhoods. After all, “A safe neighborhood looks like a safe neighborhood.”

    We ask all our volunteers what projects excite them most and seem to make the greatest difference? Beautification projects! Painting trash and recycling containers, tree planting, park and side walk clean ups, and street cleaning are all low cost yet result oriented. Together, by publicly demonstrating pride in our community's image, we can lead by example and further promote our Positive Public Image.


Sponsorship levels are all relative to the project and/or event. Below are a few of the sponsor incentives we offer depending on the level of support. If you are interested in becoming a part of this righteous progressive movement please contact us and pledge your support!

  • Sponsor banner displayed at event
  • Sponsor name announced at event
  • Sponsor name or logo in the BicycleXchange promotional newsletter and flyers
  • Sponsor ad in program or flyer (ad size can range from business-card size to full page)
  • Dinner table supported by sponsor (each person at the table receives a promotional item and literature from the sponsor and the sponsor's logo is displayed at the table)
  • Sponsor name or logo in advertisements in newspapers and magazines
  • Sponsor logo on organization's website (can include a hotlink to their site)
  • Sponsor logo on project T-shirt; and BXC swag
  • Exclusivity. We encourage unity in community and competitors will likely be permitted to sponsor.

  • Community Service is the #1 marketing tool to promote your business - creates Positive Public Image

  • Community Service localizes healthy partnerships and economy by increasing productivity and efficiency.

  • Community Service develops friendly neighborhood values

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Thank you all so very much for your continued support!

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Online donations are made securely through PayPal

For sponsorship, we provide tax deductable receipts and ensure your anonymity or pubic recognition for you charitable donation. Thank you again for your support!


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